Mujica Claudio

Mujica Claudio

Équipe MAGE
Agricultural engineer, researcher

Claudio Mujica ended his mission at LEPSE in April 2023.


My area of expertise is the numerical modeling of the hydrochemical / biological processes of the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. I’m in LEPSE to develop an ecophysiological model of root growth and plasticity in response to spatio-temporal variations in soil nitrogen and water resources.

Outstanding publications

- Mujica, C. R., Bea, S. A., & Jobbágy, E. G. (2021). Modeling soil chemical changes induced by grassland afforestation in a sedimentary plain with shallow groundwater. Geoderma, 400, 115158.

- Mujica, C.R. and Bea, S.A., (2020). Estimations of rooting depths and sources of plant-available water (PAW) in flatland petrocalcic soils under different land uses. Geoderma. 

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