Pennachi Joao Paulo

Pennachi Joao Paulo

Équipe MAGE
Phenotypic plasticity and genetic variability

Joao Paulo Pennachi a travaillé au LEPSE entre novembre 2021 et juillet 2022.



Research Engineer studying the phenotypic plasticity and genetic variability of shoot expansion in response to drought in wheat.

Outstanding publications

- Pennacchi JP, Lira JMS, Rodrigues M, Garcia FH & Barbosa JPRAD (2020) A systemic approach to the quantification of the phenotypic plasticity of plant physiological traits: the MVPi. Journal of Experimental Botany.


- Pennacchi JP, Carmo-Silva E, Andralojc PJ, Lawson T, Allen AM, Raines CA & Parry MAJ (2019) Stability of wheat grain yields over three field experiments in the UK. Food and Energy Security.


- Pennacchi JP, Carmo Silva E, Andralojc PJ, Powers S, Feuerhelm D & Parry MAJ (2018) Dissecting the main yield drivers in a wheat mapping population. Agronomy, 8: 94.

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