I am a research engineer at INRAE-LEPSE in Montpellier, France. I obtained a PhD in Plant Ecophysiology from the University of Barcelona and CIMMYT where I studied the use of stable isotopes to assess plant performance and stress adaptation in different cereal species under controlled conditions and in the field. Since September 2013 I am the technical coordinator of the PhenoArch high-throughput plant phenotyping platform where I develop and combine tools and methods to characterize the environmental conditions as sensed by individual plants and to estimate plant growth, architecture and transpiration, with the final aim to extract valuable traits that can be used in crop modelling and genetics. I am also the technical coordinator across the French Plant Phenotyping Network.

Inter and intraspecific analyses of plant growth responses to drought

and other stresses at the PhenoArch Phenotyping platform


A suite of methods for evaluating spatial distribution of light, light interception and

radiation-use efficiency in a phenotyping platform (Cabrera-Bosquet et al 2016)


Use of C and N isotope labelling to track C and N fluxes in plants


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